daniel wilkinson HARD CHEESE



November 2022

Daniel Wilkinson will be showing ideas of free-standing sculptures consisting of Twenty-five T-shirts, Eleven meters of plastic rope, a lot of plaster of Paris, several tins of Leylands high gloss paint (slow drying), nine or ten plastic balls bought in Guadalajara, Mexico, some old sticks, three bags of wine, lots of other stuff, crackers made and baked by On Yee Lo, some lovely hard cheese bought from 4 COSE, a little publication of Daniel’s latest writing, several mistakes, including the number of the building - One Murray Grove sounds like a football score and 200 posters printed with information on one side with, mistakes included and on the reverse, a digital print of a scan of a letterpress print, printed on the FAG machine at the London Centre for Book Arts. The print was possibly thrown away by Haein sometime in May.

PV (opening night) 24th 6-8

103 Murray Grove
London N1 7QP

Many thanks to FILET

Brenna Horrox
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Uta Kögelsberger