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Latest and unfinished writing project:

I Am a Not Gay’ addresses the bias heteronor­mative obstacles of language and confronts what

is the ideal-real for the queer identity through a series of topsy-turvy scenarios. 

Writing style:

Purple prose of cum Dada


If all is not lost, where is it?

A book of 300 paper planes

launched Feb 2022.

Writing style:

Purple prose of cum Dada



Text for Simon English's Show at Cooke Latham Gallery


Cooke Latham Gallery, London

Urban Night Project, RCA, London

May - ongoing



28 September



By Sally Fairbrass at the ASP Fair, ICA London

8 December

Art Licks Weekender

17 - 20 October

Organised and curated 

Strange Perfume

14 - 16 June

South London Gallery



ICA London

9 December

LCBA Book Fair

London Centre for Book Arts

2 December

speculative brutalism N4

Schizm Magazine



Exhibition 18h - 22h

Am Flutgraben 3C3212435 Berlin

Strange Perfume

13th October

Chetham's Library Manchester

(Co Organiser with Cherry Styles,

Fox Irving and Book Works)

Publishers Assembly

on book fairs

London Art Book Fair

Whitechapel Gallery

9 Sept


London Art Book Fair

Whitechapel Gallery


6-9 Sept

Strange Perfume

25/26 May

South London Gallery

(Organiser/co founder)


Foreign Muck


24 - 26 November

Arcade East Launch: Picnic At Tornado Sands

Saturday, 23 September 5 – 9pm

London College of Fashion, 182 Mare Street,

E8 3RE  London


work by Wolfgang Tillmans, Jem Cohen, Criodhna Costello, Lizzie Hughes, David Blandy, Fikret Atay,

Jane Topping, Katy Dove, Roderick Buchanan, Sadie Benning, Kim Coleman, Laura Buckley,  Sina Sparrow,

By Me, JPD Ceramics, Marcus Mitchell, Ann Marie

Pena, Behind the X, IntoArt..

The event is curated by Caroline Stevenson, Lecturer

in Cultural and Historical Studies at London College

of Fashion .Arcade East Launch is part of London

Design Festival 2017.

Nervemeter Magazine

ASP Assembling Project A collaborative live-

publishing project that will compile, produce, print

and publish contributions from ASP3 participants

Organised by Ruth Angel Edwards with Lord Tusk

ASP Fair at the ICA 8th July

Green Ginger booklaunch Writings

by Sally Fairbrass,

Vicky Wright and Simon English reading, and

Paul Clinton Djing.

WHITE CUBICLE, The Queen Adelaide, London,


18th July

Green Ginger booklaunch part 1 at the 3rd Artist

Self-Publishers' (ASP) Fair at the ICA, London,

UK. 8th July.

Eddie Campbell Pad and Poster

Collaboration with Lucy Woodhouse 'Maximum Overdrive'

Focal Point Gallery, Southend.

20th May - 10 September

Makers of the Multiverse

Spacex, Exeter

13th May –10th June

Cultural Traffic New York, Hester Street,

New York, 7th of May

Nasty Women Newcastle, UK,  (FUNDRAISER)

7th - 23rd, April.

Schizm Magazine Issue Nine. 8th of March for the

launch of Schizm #9. Marcus Campbell Books,

London, UK.

Index Art Book Fair at Jumex, Mexico City,


14th - 16th April.


Launched at TIPSY, 2nd Feb

on & off

7 - Feb 6-10pm

Medellin projects Mexico City, Mexico -

in collaboration

with the Chalton Gallery, London.



The Garage Sale, ICA 1-3 December

ASP - Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair 2 -

The Sequel at the ICA on the 10th September

Beyond Words Book Fair 2nd - 3rd Sept, Hull.

Freedom Festival at Hull’s Central Library.

Niff Book 3 launch


at Beyond Words Book Fair,

Hull Central Library, 3rd Sept. 


OFFPRINT - Behind the X and Emily Pope

on X Marks the Bokship table.

OFFPRINT - Poster for Publication Studio london.

( OFFPRINT, TATE MODERN 20th - 23rd May )

Artists Behind Bars / Matt's Gallery / 23rd April


Wednesday 30th March - Saturday 2nd April

10:00 - 16:30 daily

The Hat Factory

SNAP Studios65 - 67 Bute Street Luton

Exposición Colectiva / Collective Exhibition

Patrick Goddard, Keef Winter, Julius Heinemann,

Fiona Sarison, Philomène Hoel, Matthias Tharang & Zehra Arslan - La Popular Garcia Vigil, esq/corner de Jesus Carranza, Centro, Mexico.

:ndex art book fair 2016 – 2nd editionat Museo Jumex, Mexico City

February 4 – 7, 2016

‘Speculative Exhibitions’ Taipei Contemporary Art Center, January.



Future Library Publishing Fair, Open School East, Dec 19.

The Octopus Was Naked but the Crab was Dressed',

Plymouth Arts Centre, for Plymouth arts weekender.

25/26/27th September 2015

ART LICKS WEEKEND 2 - 4 October.Close Ecounters with

the Threptikon

Wysing Arts Centre, Space-Time: the Multiverse,

5 September 2015, 12noon to midnight.

Schizm 8, Fiona Sarison Archive,

Autumn 2015.

Niff Book one} Why Me? Tenderbooks

20 - 23 August.

Poster Stack Keef Winter ‘Center Point' in the courtyard

space at House of St. Barnabas on Friday 12th June 6-8pm.

SEED Publication for CSM MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy

Launch 26 May 6-9pm CSM.

Open Source, Edge of Human with Lucy Woodhouse,

2 - 3 May.

Open Source (poster for the kickstarter)

Publication Studio London (poster) Raven Row, 6 February.

:index Art Book Fair, Zona Maco, Mexico City, 4 - 8 February.

Praize of Laziness, Trade Gallery, Nottingham. 1 November - 13 December.

:ndex Art Book Fair Guadlajara, Mexico. 27 November - 1 Decemebr.

Edge of Human, Los Angeles 2019, 13 - 20 November

Three Letter Words, 22 November, Launch of Mexican Embassy

by Esther Planas


Performance as Publishing presents: NY Art Book Fair,

MoMA Ps1,New York.

Bookplates for The Wysing Grange Farmhouse Library, 13 September.

Asymmetric Dance Class at Vitrine, 5 - 27 September


An Epilogue

A tale for a fairy

A text to accompany Simon English's Paint Your Wagon,

Cooke Latham Gallery, London

Writing style:

Purple prose of cum Dada